27th - 29th May 2019 - 9:30am - 4:30pm

The focus of this course is on understanding how to build a deep and true connection with your horse – a heart connection.

Ingela will teach how belief structures affect our human/horse relationships and how barriers between us and our horses are broken down. You will learn about the healing of your heart and how to build an intimate connection with your horse. This process will teach you how to overcome fears in yourself and help your horse overcome his fears.

You will learn about the family structure of the horse herd and how the lead mare cares for and protects the herd. By understanding the motives and mindsets of the lead mare, you gain insight on how to become your horse’s safe place.

Through Ingela’s teaching you will receive the keys to become a true lead for your horse and learn how different types of horses communicate. You will study phases; how to shape space; skills for gentling; awareness of living in the now as well as how to be one with your horse. You will understand how to communicate with your horse using thought and energy, through which true lightness and harmony are created.

Before attending the Foundation course, you need to have a good knowledge of natural horsemanship principles. You need to be confident in working with your horse on the ground in a natural rope halter and 12ft line, using phases to communicate. You need to know how to apply a block and be able to do the following exercises:

- lateral flexion
- hindquarter yield
- forehand yield
- ask your horse to go forward and backward
- ask your horse to go sideways
- send your horse on a circle (minimum in walk and trot)

It is beneficial to able to ride your horse in walk and trot. You do not need any experience with liberty.

Cost  - Riding Participant - £675.00 (3 days -all inclusive)
          - Spectator -  £80.00 (per day)

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7th - 9th May 2018 - 9:30am - 4:30pm

This course is concentrated on refining the communication learned in the True Connection Foundation course and going to a deeper level in the connection with your horse.

Ingela will share how your thoughts affect the way your horse sees and perceives you, and will teach you how you can further develop your skills as a lead for your horse.

You will learn how to communicate more clearly using thought and energy and how to offer your horse what he is looking for. You will discover how to become his place of peace. The focus is on relaxation and harmony in motion.

Ingela will explain the principles for building a strong connection at liberty and a relationship that is free of fear for both horse and human. You will be equipped with the keys to be fully connected with your horse over a distance and to communicate without lines and in open spaces.

You will be able to take notes on a step by step liberty guide that starts at a standstill and builds up to canter circles, figures of eight, flying lead changes and more. The goal is for your horse to want to be with you.

You will practice exercises to help your horse move with straightness on a circle, build power and engagement as well as increase relaxation and trust. The results are true connection, lightness and straightness. This course may also include long reining.

The minimum requirement is having attended the True Connection Foundation Course either as a participant or a spectator.

Cost  - Riding Participant - £600.00 (3 days all inclusive)
          - Spectator -  £75.00 (per day)

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​11th - 13th May 2018 - 9:30am - 4:30pm

The focus of this course is on applying the concepts and philosophy from the True Connection Foundation course to riding. You will learn how to move as one with your horse and to become a true lead for your horse when mounted. The goal is harmony in motion.

Ingela equips her students to progress to a deeper level of connection and communication using ‘thought’ and ‘energy’ when riding and teaches a range of exercises to encourage suppleness, straightness, engagement and power. These begin with focusing on a soft, calm, relaxed horse that is willing and able to mirror the subtle changes in the rider's body.

Ingela will teach on the importance of relaxation when riding, because your horse will be most connected and capable when he is relaxed, happy, trusting and free from fear. You will learn how to help your horse reach relaxation in motion in all gaits and movements. The result is that your horse becomes soft in his mind and body and willingly focuses on your thoughts.

The minimum requirement is having attended the True Connection Foundation Course either as a participant or a spectator.

Cost  - Riding Participant - £600.00 (3 days -all inclusive)
          - Spectator -  £75.00 (per day)

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Ingela Larsson Smith will be teaching a series of True Connection courses here at Kingdom Horse from 27th May until 2nd June 2019. Details of all the courses are listed below.

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