For UK buyers:
Halter, inc. P+P: GBP 26.30

For Overseas buyers:
Halter, inc. shipping: GBP 28.10


Colour Choices
white/blue, white/green with blue fleck, white/red with blue fleck, white/yellow with blue fleck (regular and warmblood)
black (pony, warmblood and draft), red (pony, regular, warmblood and draft) or bright blue (pony, regular, warmblood and draft).
​We also have halters that tie up on the right hand side.

Please click on the following photos to see examples of colour choices.

The natural rope halters are made by the older boys from the Horses for Orphans project in Brazil. ( The boys have shown great dedication in learning how to correctly knot a natural horsemanship halter. The halters are made of high quality rope manufactured in the UK and the boys profit from the sales.
Available sizes: pony, regular, warmblood and draft
Before ordering please confirm availability of size & colour by emailing